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Frequently Asked Questions

What is extranet?

Extranet Extranet is a part of an organization's intranet. It is a communication network that is based on internet protocols (TCP/IP). It provides controlled access to firm's intranet to its trading partners, customers, and other businesses.

What is the IP address of the Extranet host?

The IP address of the carrier device connected to the router is and the IP address of the extranet host is Configure the IP addresses for interfaces and a default route to ensure route reachability between the extranet host and intranet server. Configure NAT static on the WAN-side interface of the router.

What is IPsec in extranet?

IPSEC (Internet Protocol Security Architecture) is nothing but an additional security layer for the TCP/IP protocol. It adds in 2 new information to the IP packet, namely “New IP header” and “IPSEC authentication user”. Now coming to the application of extranet.

Why extranet is implemented as VPN?

Extranet is implemented as a Virtual Private Networks (VPN) because it uses internet to connect to corporate organization and there is always a threat to information security. VPN offers a secure network in public infrastructure (Internet). The packet is encapsulated at boundary of networks in IPSEC complaint routers.

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