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Frequently Asked Questions

How can one view the deltanet extranet landing page?

How Can One View the DeltaNet Extranet Landing Page? The DeltaNet Extranet landing page at consists of a login form for authorized users, a hyperlink to critical applications and a travel guide for consumers. There is also information on business partners and access to Delta Airline Travel Agency’s social media networks.

Can you access the Extranet with a Delta pass?

Guests traveling under a Delta pass can access a public guide about travel procedures, but cannot access protected areas of the Extranet. In some cases, Delta retirees and authorized vendors and contractors receive access to the Delta Extranet. Unauthorized access is illegal, and Delta prosecutes unauthorized users to the fullest extent of the law.

How do I log into my Delta net account?

To log in, it is important to provide the delta net account information that you submit to the user, this is your personal Delta passport ID, usually the 9-digit number of the employee’s PPR. Just enter your personal passport ID and password.

How do I recover a forgotten Delta extranet password?

This number allows employees to register for access to the Extranet. Users of other systems such as TravelNet may use those credentials to log onto the Extranet. To recover a forgotten Delta Extranet password, enter the user ID and answer the verification questions.

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