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Frequently Asked Questions

How can one view the deltanet extranet landing page?

How Can One View the DeltaNet Extranet Landing Page? The DeltaNet Extranet landing page at consists of a login form for authorized users, a hyperlink to critical applications and a travel guide for consumers. There is also information on business partners and access to Delta Airline Travel Agency’s social media networks.

What is an intranet landing page?

What is an intranet landing page? An intranet landing page is the first page employees see on the intranet. It’s the essential hub for workplace information that highlights company news, updates, important documents, work groups, applications and KPIs that allows employees to find what they need.

How to make your intranet page more appealing?

One great way to make your intranet page more appealing is by integrating the business tools that are used on a daily basis, such as the calendar and virtual collaboration spaces.

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