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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stanhome?

Welcome to the world of Stanhome: brands and expert products for the care of the home, the family and women’s beauty. Enjoy the pleasure of sharing them with your friends. Discover an exciting job and support throughout your journey to live your life to the full every day.

What are Stanhome's core values?

Trust, recognition, mutual support and enthusiasm are at the heart of Stanhome’s values. They help meet our targets every day and make life easier for our customers. Stanhome has been involved with children for many years through local non-profits.

How long has Stanhome been successful?

With over 80 years of success, Stanhome is represented through its foreign subsidiaries and is distributed by agents all over the world.

What does Stanhome do for corporate social responsibility?

Resolutely turned towards the future, Stanhome takes Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. We work every day to reduce our impact on the environment, from the design of the product packs to use less resources, to the management of resources such as water or paper in factories.

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