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Frequently Asked Questions

What are favorite White Bird casting rods made of?

Made from top of the line IM24 ton carbon, the Favorite White Bird Casting Rods feature MLS (Multi Layer Structure) technology that uses carbon of varying modulus and direction to help maximize strength and torsional load resistance.

What are the Favorite Pro Series casting rods?

Delivering the opportunity to experience the same action as the Pro’s, the Favorite Pro Series Casting Rods were developed with elite pro anglers and tested during their competitions to provide a series with exceptional sensitivity, durability, and action. Add the Favorite Pro Series Casting Rods to your arsenal, and fish like the pro’s!

Is the Whitebird a good rod?

I got the Whitebird in 7 ft meduim heavy and it performs awesomely. For myself it is the perfect texas rig rod, its nice and light weight so you can fish it all day and not have fatigue, its very sensitive so you can even feel the lightest bite, and its got some backbone to horse out fish from some heavy cover with no problems.

What are the Sickest casting rods?

One of the sickest rods on the market, the Favorite Sick Stick Casting Rods offer a blend of performance and quality materials that result in an outstanding dependability.

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