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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my favorites list?

Click the "Favorites" button, located on the left side of the screen to access your favorites. You can also access your favorites by pressing "CTRL" and "H" and then selecting the tab labeled "Favorites.". Access your browsing history by pressing "CTRL" and "H.".

How do I bring back my favorites list?

Click on the "Favorites" menu item in Internet Explorer. At the top of the Internet Explorer screen (next to the "File," "Edit" and "View" menu items), is "Favorites.". A list of your favorites are shown as drop-down menu. Click on the bookmark you want to go back to.

How do I restore my favorites list?

Click "Next.". You'll see a list of folders with names such as "Favorites Bar" and "MSN Websites.". IE allows you to restore your favorites to one of the folders in this list. Click the folder where you'd like to restore the favorites, click "Import" and then click "Finish.".

How to remove and old favorites list?

How do I remove items from my favorites list? You first need to be logged in. Click on your screen name and select My Favorites. You will be taken to your favorites page. On the upper right, you will see the option to Remove Items. Click on Remove items. A red X will appear over each of your items. Click the X on the items you want to remove.

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