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Frequently Asked Questions

Does fbdown host videos?

FBDOWN does not host any videos on its servers. All videos that you download are downloaded from Facebook's CDNs. FBDOWN is a Social Media Services website and is not associated by any means to Facebook or the Facebook brand and doesn't have anything to do with Facebook, Inc. Read the full Disclaimer.

What happened to fbdown video downloader?

UPDATE (21 November 2018): We updated our Chrome Extension and changed its name from FBDOWN Video Downloader to Video Downloader PLUS. The update also includes some bug fixes and improvements. UPDATE (12 October 2018): We fixed some bugs and made improvements to the downloader.

Does fbdown allow direct download from the extension?

Note 3: We do not allow direct download from the extension because FBDOWN will analyze the video and provide you with the best video and sound quality, and also for your safety FBDOWN checks the video with more than 21 Antivirus. :)

What languages does fbdown support? now supports 5 new Languages and more coming soon! The languages that are coming soon are: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Turkish... Everything is still in Beta testing and if you notice anything wrong or want to improve the translations, feel free to contact us .

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