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Frequently Asked Questions

What does FBN stand for?

"Farmers Business Network," "FBN," and "Farmers First" are registered service marks of Farmer's Business Network, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. FBN Direct Services are offered by FBN Inputs, LLC and are available only in states where FBN Inputs, LLC is licensed.

What is the FBN farmer-to-Farmer network?

The Independent Network of Thousands of North America’s Most Advanced Farmers. The FBN farmer-to-farmer network helps producers level the playing field by creating unprecedented transparency and competition for your business. Better yields, lower costs, and smarter marketing - farming connected is the key to your farm's financial performance.

Is FBN going public?

The startup, founded in 2014, has a data-driven platform that allows farmers to make decisions on seeds and agronomics. FBN will go public in the future, but the company has not settled on a timeline, said Amol Deshpande, FBN's chief executive officer, in an interview with Reuters.

What is Fox Business Network?

Fox Business Network is the sister channel of Fox News Channel which has its presence in more than 97,186,000 American households making around 85.1% of cable, satellite & telco customers. FBN currently maintains its reach in nearly 75,501,000 households about 66.11% of homes with televisions in the states.

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