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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a teslacam folder on my music drive?

There is no need to create a “TeslaCam” folder on your music drive. You can simply place the MP3 music into the root folder of the drive, but most people organize it into folders since you can browse those folders from your Tesla vehicle. To view Sentry and Dashcam clips in your vehicle, ensure it’s in Park and click on the Dashcam icon.

How do I view saved footage from my Tesla Cam?

Safely remove the USB drive from your Tesla (tap and hold the camera icon until it pulses and turns grey). Insert your USB drive into your device of choice. Open the TeslaCam folder, then the SavedClips folder. Events are saved in folders distinguished by date/time of the event. You can view the footage in chronological order.

How do I install a Tesla cam on my computer?

Open the drive and create a new folder called “TeslaCam” (exactly like that, no quotes). That’s it! Plug it into one of your Tesla’s front USB port and you should see the Dashcam icon appear shortly. For more on Dashcam, see below. On a PC, it’s a bit trickier for format (ironic, since FAT32 originated on PCs).

Can Windows 7 read a Tesla Cam folder?

Also, Windows 7 OSes cannot read anything other than the first partition on any flash drive that has its "removable bit" set to on. However, they can be patched to allow it. A fully updated Windows 10 OS can. It means just don't put the TeslaCam folder inside another folder on the drive. Click to expand... Thanks!

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