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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a synonym for followed?

Synonyms for Followed: adj. •hunted (adjective) dogged, stalked, Trailed, chased, Hounded, tracked, tailed. •kept (adjective) Obeyed, honored, celebrated, continued. v. •absorb (verb) follow. •ensued (verb) developed, Approached, Resulted, destined, Impended, Eventuated, Ensued. Other synonyms: •guarded Watched.

What is a synonym for follow?

Synonym Discussion of follow follow, succeed, ensue, supervene mean to come after something or someone. succeed implies a coming after immediately in a sequence determined by natural order, inheritance, election, or laws of rank. ensue commonly suggests a logical consequence or naturally expected development.

Is follow a noun?

Noun follow (plural follows) (sometimes attributive) In billiards and similar games, a stroke causing a ball to follow another ball after hitting it.

What is a synonym for follows?

Synonyms for Follow: n. • supplant, replace, adhere to, keep to, go behind. • emulate, string along, match, reflect, mimic, attend to, conform, harmonize, accord, mirror. • support, afterthought, serve, alternate. • establish, regard. • comprehend, understand, grasp. • know, bird dog, get the idea, work out, shadow.

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