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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the patient portal?

If your provider offers a patient portal, you will need a computer and internet connection to use it. Follow the instructions to register for an account. Once you are in your patient portal, you can click the links to perform basic tasks. You can also communicate with your provider's office in the message center.

What is follow my health portal?

The Follow My Health patient portal is a secure, online patient portal service that allows you, as a patient, to communicate easily with your North Country Hospital Medical Practice(s).

What is a patient health portal?

A patient portal is a website for your personal health care. The online tool helps you to keep track of your health care provider visits, test results, billing, prescriptions, and so on. You can also e-mail your provider questions through the portal. Many providers now offer patient portals. For access, you will need to set up an account.

What is a physician portal?

The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Physician Portal is a comprehensive resource that promotes collaboration and offers access to useful information.

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