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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a FollowMyHealth username and password?

Creating a FollowMyHealth username and password enables you to better secure your account and allows us to more easily help you with login recovery should you ever need it. To create a FollowMyHealth username and password, follow the steps listed below.

How do I sign up for FollowMyHealth without an invitation?

Please Note: If you are starting completely from scratch, without an invitation, click on the "I Need to Sign Up" button. Fill out the corresponding form, and then select "Confirm and Continue". When creating a new FollowMyHealth account, you will have the option to select...

How do I sign up for myuhcare personal health?

Visit our FAQ for more information. You can now sign up for and access your MyUHCare Personal Health directly from your mobile device using the FollowMyHealth app, the UH Now app, or your mobile internet browser.

What can I do with myuhcare PHR?

From your MyUHCare PHR on your iOS (Apple) or Android phone or tablet, you can secure messages to your doctor, request prescription refills and request appointments. Download FollowMyHealth or UH Now from the App Store or Google Play today.

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