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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is diehard sooner reports?

Hi, my name is James Hale and Welcome to Diehard Sooner Reports. If you are new here WELCOME! I am the creator of Diehard Sooner Reports for the die-hard Oklahoma Sooner football and sports fan who wants quick up-to-date reports on OU Football and every sport the Sooners play.

What is footballdiehard and Justin Lonero?

Bob Harris (@footballdiehard) and Justin Lonero (@justinlonero) break down the NFL news on a weekly basis. The show features guest analysts to help get new perspectives on the fantasy football landscape. Along with producer Kyle Dvorchak (@ffkylethekid), the gang will cover DFS and redraft topics year round.

What to expect from a Sooner podcast?

In each short podcast, which would be five minutes or less, I will give the latest from the Sooner camp with updates on how practices are going, game preparation, thoughts from players and coaches, opinions on the Sooner opponents, game day recaps, opinions on the games and the latest on Sooner recruiting.

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