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Frequently Asked Questions

What is snap count in NFL Fantasy Football?

NFL snap count is a nice metric that helps managers understand the magnitude of a player's role on his NFL team. Thus enabling us to get one more data point on determining our fantasy football rankings and where to draft a player in your fantasy football leagues.

How does the GSIS compiles snap counts in the NFL?

For the last two years, each player has had a chip inserted in his shoulder pads so that radio transmitters in stadiums can track his every move on the field. This is how the GSIS compiles snap counts (and other on-field information). How can I use NFL snap counts to leverage my success in fantasy football?

How are snap counts broken down?

Snap counts are broken down on a week-to-week basis for easy viewing and are broken up by position. This is the preferred method as you can view all running backs within a team, or just simply over the league if you want to find the highest and lowest snap count backs.

Who has played the most consecutive snaps in NFL history?

Each snap a player is on is counted as one and tallied. Who Has Played The Most Consecutive Snaps In NFL History? Brett Favre is the all-time leader, and also has played 297 consecutive games. If you include his playoff games, he has played over 320 games total games and has generated the most snaps of any one player in football history.

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