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Frequently Asked Questions

What does QB stand for in football?

The quarterback (QB) is the player directly behind the center receiving the ball (see this figure). The quarterback is the player who announces the plays in the huddle, but he doesn’t call them on his own. Coaches on all levels of football (peewee, high school, college, and the NFL) decide what plays the offense will use.

Who is the tallest quarterback in college football?

The tallest quarterback is unknown but the tallest college football player is Ian Symonette of Miami standing at 6'9".

What qualities do you need to be a football quarterback?

12 Characteristics of the Top-Level NFL Quarterbacks Arm Strength and Touch. The first quality of an elite NFL quarterback is a combination of superior arm strength and finely tuned touch. Sixth Sense Connection With Receivers. The second quality of elite NFL quarterbacks is the development of a sixth-sense style connection with their receivers. Mastery of the Offensive Scheme. ... More items...

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