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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about nonprofit executive compensation?

Nonprofit executive compensation tops the list of the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) hot buttons today. The resentment over the abuse of CEO salaries in Corporate America has spilled over to the nonprofit community, with volunteers, donors, the mediaand legislators calling for greater transparency and the application of reasonable standards

What is reasonable nonprofit compensation?

To aid the organization, should it follow certain procedures, it may qualify within a rebuttable presumption of reasonableness. In any case, nonprofits may only pay reasonable compensation that is documented as such with proper substantiation. Thus, even if clearly reasonable, the organization must be certain to properly document its compensation.

Do nonprofit employees get paid?

Volunteers play a role as well, but people who are employed by non-profit organizations in an official capacity are paid according to their experience and responsibilities. That includes executives and owners, many of whom put in long hours to ensure that the charities they work for meet their obligations to the communities they serve.

How much do nonprofit employees make?

The estimated total pay for a Non Profit is $64,425 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $49,878 per year. These numbers represent the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users.

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