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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to create a funeral program?

When creating a funeral/memorial program, the first thing to do is gather as much information as possible about the deceased from their your family and friends who could possibly have more information than you do, as the organizer. The more information one has about the deceased, the easier it becomes to craft a comprehensive funeral program.

How can I customize a funeral program template?

One can easily download funeral program templates from several sites available on the internet. One can also create one from scratch using Microsoft Word, SmartDraw, Apple iWorks, and other available desktop publishing software. Having a simple, elegant, and flawless funeral program design is very important to ensure that no information is missed.

What are the benefits of using a funeral program template?

Funeral program templates play a crucial role in creating flyers or brochures for funeral programs. Templates come already pre-formatted with essential details in place regarding how the funeral service will be run. On most occasions, you need not add anything to the outline because it is exhaustive.

What is a funeral program?

A funeral program (sometimes called a funeral brochure, an order of service, or pamphlet) is a printed paper or card that details the events of a funeral or memorial service. The purpose of this handout is to outline the key points of the funeral, while sometimes also featuring quotes or poems that celebrate the life being honored.

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