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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the movie From here to Eternity about?

From Here to Eternity. Written By: From Here to Eternity, American dramatic film, released in 1953, about U.S. soldiers in Hawaii in the months before the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack. It was one of the most popular films of its time, and it won eight Academy Awards, including that for best picture.

Is from here to Eternity a good picture?

From Here to Eternity won 1953's Best Picture Oscar, and like all successful pictures was followed by a host of imitators. 1955's Battle Cry for example is another many-stranded story about soldiers at the start of World War Two, and even features a rather tepid knock-off of the famous beach scene.

Who are the actors in From here to Eternity?

From Here to Eternity. Deborah Kerr and Donna Reed portray the women in their lives, and the supporting cast includes Ernest Borgnine, Philip Ober, Jack Warden, Mickey Shaughnessy, Claude Akins, and George Reeves .

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