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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an inviting front porch?

How To Create An Inviting Fall Front PorchUse these easy ideas for creating an inviting fall front porch that is filled with charm and is sure to make your guests feel welcome. ...REFLECT THE BOUNTY OF THE HARVEST. Traditionally, fall is a season of harvest. ...USE NATURAL MATERIALS. ...MIX A WIDE VARIETY OF ELEMENTS. ...USE A COHESIVE DESIGN. ...INCLUDE PLENTY OF TEXTURE. ...FOCUS ON THE FRONT DOOR. ...

What can I put on front porch?

Thuja Green Giant (great for colder climates) or Emerald green thuja evergreen(really fast growing)American holly or Nelly Stevens holy and Wichita Blue Juniper are all great hedges for privacy.For small areas or for a more formal look use sapphire cyprus, eucalyptus tree, or skyrocket juniperGrow vines like wisteria over lattice panels. ...More items...

How to decorate a small front porch?

9 Ways To Decorate a Small Front PorchCozy Furniture Layout. This laid-back porch from @pieandpicketfences proves that with the right layout, even small porches can comfortably fit plenty of seating.Fairy Lights. ...Southern Charm. ...Sweet and Symmetrical. ...Swing It. ...Patterned Tile. ...Painted Stripes. ...Rainbow Accents. ...Minimalist Front Porch. ...

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