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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect to my FTP server from the command line?

Install the FTP command line utility with the following command: $ sudo dnf install ftp You should now be able to connect to your FTP server either by IP address or hostname. To connect from command line and verify that everything is working, open a terminal and use AlmaLinux's ftp command to connect to your loopback address (

How to use FTP in Windows XP?

as decribed in Windows XP Professional Product Documentation. The file name that you have to specify in place of FileName must contain FTP commands that you want to send to the server. Among theses commands are user UserName [Password] [Account] to authenticate with the FTP server, quit to end the FTP session and terminate the ftp program.

Is FTP secure?

In other words, FTP is not secure to use over an internet connection, since your credentials and data are transmitted without encryption. The ‘S’ in SFTP stands for ‘Secure’ and tunnels the FTP protocol through SSH, providing the encryption needed to establish a secure connection.

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