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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fuchs' dystrophy?

Fuchs dystrophy In Fuchs' (fewks) dystrophy, fluid builds up in the clear layer (cornea) on the front of your eye, causing your cornea to swell and thicken. This can lead to glare, blurred or cloudy vision, and eye discomfort. Fuchs' dystrophy usually affects both eyes and can cause your vision to gradually worsen over years.

How do you treat Fuchs' dystrophy?

Your treatment depends on how Fuchs’ dystrophy affects your eye’s cells. Use an eye-drop medicine or ointment to reduce swelling of the cornea’s cells. Use a hair dryer, held at arm’s length, to blow warm air on your face. This helps dry the surface of your cornea. For very poor vision or scarred corneas, you may need a corneal transplant.

What are the symptoms of Fuchs' corneal dystrophy?

Blisters can form on your cornea. They might break open and cause eye pain. In the last stages, scars on your cornea can lead to major vision loss. When you have Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy, symptoms get worse gradually. Talk to your eye doctor if you notice any symptoms.

Can I get a cornea transplant for Fuchs' dystrophy?

But most people with Fuchs' dystrophy don't develop symptoms until they reach their 50s or 60s. Some medications and self-care steps may help relieve your Fuchs' dystrophy signs and symptoms. But when the disorder is advanced and you've lost vision, the only way to restore vision is with cornea transplant surgery.

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