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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any free online fundraising courses?

Free Online Fundraising Courses (Non-Profit Ready) Individuals who are interested in building their fundraising skills for free can take help from these courses and training programs that are created by experts in online fundraising, donation campaigns, email marketing, and fundraising events.

How do I become a fundraiser?

There is no one specific path towards a career in fundraising, but there are several subjects you can study that can help you get there. Communications, public relations, English, and journalism are always beneficial. You can also prepare yourself for a role in fundraising by learning more about business, finance, sales, marketing, and advertising.

What are fundraising Academy webinars?

These webinars will provide actionable tools to enhance your relationship-driven fundraising skills. We offer these webinars on a monthly basis, free of charge, to all registrants. To watch an upcoming live webinar or access our on-demand webinar, register for the Fundraising Academy Online Learning Portal.

What are the benefits of fundraising courses?

– Cover the basics of fundraising with simple steps to develop your fundraising plan with a detailed reference document that will help you transition to more complex fundraising campaigns. – The courses are offered by a cornerstone nonprofit foundation to help individuals turn their dreams into reality.

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