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Frequently Asked Questions

Is laughing at cat memes good for You?

It’s dinner time! Laughing at these funny creatures by looking at cat memes or cat videos is actually good for you. Here’s why. I do it because I love you. If you can’t get enough of cats, check out these ugly cats that are actually super cute. Who needs a pillow or a couch to lay on when this box will work purr-fectly?

Can you wait 20 minutes to look at these cat memes?

Don’t miss these hilarious farm animals while you’re taking a look through these cat memes. No matter how important, it can wait 20 minutes. Some things do taste better than skinny feels.

Are these working from home memes hilarious?

These working from home memes are hilariously accurate. It’s what we cats do best. Check out these photos of guilty dogs that were caught red-handed. It just didn’t capture my attention like the back of my eyelids did. Check out these funny animal memes for more laughs. I’m on it!

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