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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Gambling Commission allocate its costs?

The Commission must allocate its costs to the different gambling sectors, individual licence types and fee categories, to ensure that fees are charged to operators in a way that is cost reflective and fair. It also should ensure that the Commission can recover its full costs through fees and maintain its reserves at an appropriate level.

How much will the gambling industry pay under the proposed proposals?

The Commission estimates that if the proposals are implemented, the total annual fees payable by the gambling industry will be 0.22% of the industry GGY (excluding the National Lottery). 1.18.

How many gaming machines can I offer to Gambling Commission?

Read the consultation response on proposals for changes to Gambling Commission fees (link opens in a new tab) It allows you to offer an unlimited number of category C and D gaming machines and up to 20% of your total number of machines, can be of category B3 or B4.

When will the Gambling Commission review be published?

A White Paper setting out findings will be published by the end of the year. The Review will also consider the future flexibility of the Gambling Commission’s fees.

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