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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Google Earth plugin?

As the namely clearly suggests, Google Earth Plugin is a small plug-in which enables you to view and navigate geographic data on a 3D globe in your web browser.

How do you delete Google Earth Pro?

Click "File" on the Google Earth menu bar, then select "Server Sign Out" to disconnect from the Google Earth servers. Click "Tools" on the menu bar, then select "Options" to open Google Earth Options. Click the "Cache" tab, then click "Delete Cache File.". On the confirmation pop-up box that shows up, click "Yes.".

What is the Google Earth app?

Google Earth is a free application developed by Google for Android that enables users to explore the world without leaving the comfort of their home. This app lets users explore a 3D globe of the Earth, with satellite imagery, aerial photography, and various information layers overlaid on the globe.

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