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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a greengreenberg Turkey?

GreenBerg Turkeys get their famous almost-black color from being hung and smoked with hickory in a brick smokehouse for 14 hours. The turkeys are not organic, not free range, not heritage breeds, not insert latest trend here. They’re just prepackaged birds, like one would find in the grocery store.

Does Greenberg smoked turkeys take credit cards?

Greenberg Smoked Turkeys accepts credit cards. How is Greenberg Smoked Turkeys rated? Greenberg Smoked Turkeys has 4 stars. What days are Greenberg Smoked Turkeys open?

What happened to Greenberg's smoked turkey?

Greenberg totally failed. I am from Tyler and my family has bought Greenberg's turkeys for over 50 years, both for ourselves and for our valued customers and partners. We missed out last year due to the fire, so we waited with bated breath for our 2021 dose of smoked turkey.

How long does it take Greenberg to ship a Turkey?

The turkey was promised by Wednesday Nov 24th at the latest. It never arrived. UPS tells me that Greenberg only shipped it on Monday by ground delivery which is a 4 day process.

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