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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gripping?

The process of finding eroticism in the more innocent every-day relationship intimacies of others, for example couples kissing or holding hands or sharing a joke. Specifically, Gripping is the action of masturbating over these moments. The person is henceforth known as a 'Gripper'.

What is'gripper'?

The person is henceforth known as a 'Gripper'. Incidents of Gripping increase during particularly prolonged barren spells, without sexual contract from another human being. This term 'Gripper' is particularly offensive to Worcestershire-based woodwork teachers. Pam and Trevor's wedding was tarnished by Teddy "Gripping" thoroughout the service.

What is a gripping mug?

Get a Gripping mug for your mate James. " A Grip " - An large amount of a particular item (ex; time, money, and/or female ass). Originated with hustlers counting their cash with how much would fit between your thumb & index finger (grip).

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