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Frequently Asked Questions

When did spec's buy Palms Liquor?

In 2008 Spec's acquired Palms Liquor in Galveston, giving the chain its first Galveston store. [8] In 2009 Spec's announced plans to open a store in Live Oak, giving the chain its first store in Greater San Antonio. [2]

Is specs a good liquor store?

Specs is known all throughout town as one of the premier liquor store chains, but the downtown location is something else. One can literally do some light grocery shopping at this location, as it does carry fresh produce as well. In fact, my favorite sections are the non alcoholic sections.

What makes spec's the best wine and spirits retailer?

Ultimately, the philosophy behind Spec’s is to have a retail presence in areas that make sense, to be the best wine and spirits retailer it can be and to continuously strive for improvement in every aspect of its business. Based on the success the company has experienced thus far, that strategy is working out unbelievably well.

Did the Judges recommend a warning for Spec's liquor?

Instead, the judges recommended nothing but a warning. Spec’s Liquor President John Rydman, with wife and owner Lindy Rydman in blue and their daughter Lisa Rydman, granddaughter of the chain's founder, at the flagship store in Houston on June 29, 2017.

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