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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hotel Del Luna about?

Written by the Hong Sisters ( Master's Sun) and directed by Oh Choong Hwan ( My Love From the Star ), tvN's fantasy series Hotel Del Luna is set in a hotel that provides the best accommodation and service, but only for departed souls.

What are the best songs from Hotel Del Luna?

So Long – Paul Kim. Say Goodbye – Ha Yea Song. Done For Me – Punch. Love Deluna – TAEYONG & Punch. Given the popularity and success of Hotel Del Luna over recent months, it’s no surprise then to see the eclectic K-Pop-heavy soundtrack doing so well in the charts. With numerous songs storming their way to number 1 in previous weeks, ...

Will Yeo Jin goo star in Hotel Del Luna?

After The Crowned Clown and My Absolute Boyfriend, Yeo Jin Goo stars in his third drama of 2019 along with singer IU, who is fresh off the success of last year's award-winning drama My Mister . The original soundtrack of Hotel Del Luna features a strong tracklist that has dominated Korean digital music charts.

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