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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of hothotel del Luna?

Hotel del Luna ( Korean : 호텔 델루나; RR : Hotel delluna) is a 2019 South Korean television series, starring Lee Ji-eun (IU) and Yeo Jin-goo as the owner and manager, respectively, of the eponymous hotel that caters only to ghosts.

Is'Hotel Del Luna'coming to the US?

"Remake of 'Hotel del Luna' coming to the US". The Korea Herald. Archived from the original on October 18, 2020. Retrieved June 30, 2020. ^ Kwak, Yeon-soo (January 27, 2021).

Is Hotel Del Luna the best Kdrama of 2019?

Without a doubt, Hotel Del Luna is my favourite kdrama of 2019. There is plenty to love about this drama, ranging from its stunning cinematography, decent storyline, excellent cast, oh and how could I forget: the most beautiful OST in kdramaland. I thought that the writing was pretty solid throughout the drama.

Who is the director of Hotel Del Luna 2019?

Produced by GT:st, written by the Hong sisters and directed by Oh Choong-hwan, it aired on tvN from July 13 to September 1, 2019. It was the most viewed tvN drama of 2019, making it one of the highest-rated Korean dramas in cable television history. "Hotel del Luna" (previously known as Guest House of the Moon) is not like any other hotel.

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