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Frequently Asked Questions

What time do they stop selling scratch off lottery tickets?

Stores do not stop selling scratch off tickets, until they run out of them and why should they. As long as there is someone willing to risk their few dollars for an infinitesimal chance of making big money, they are willing to take your money. There is no expiration date on those scratchers. When the store closes.

How to win scratch off lottery tickets?

Winners should immediately sign the back of their ticket and call the Lottery at 1-800-692-7481. The last time someone won a winning scratch-off ticket, according to previous reporting, was in July 2021 when someone purchased a winning ticket from a Turkey Hill in Ephrata. That person won $1,000 a week for life.

Do you scratch off everything on a lottery ticket?

This is the easiest step in the process. Go to your local store or gas station, purchase a ticket with cash, and scratch off the numbers on the ticket. You can do this easily with a Smart Scraper. Using the right tools will stop you from accidentally distorting numbers with uneven coin edges. Look over your ticket and see what you have won.

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