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Frequently Asked Questions

What is incorporation (Inc)?

Incorporation (Inc.) is the formation of a new corporation (a corporation being a legal entity that is effectively recognized as a person under the law).

What is an Inc [clarification needed]?

An Inc. [clarification needed] is the person who prepares and files the Certificate of Incorporation with the concerned state. Share per value refers to the stated minimum value and generally doesn't correspond to the actual share value. Some of the common par values are $0.01, $1.00.

What does it mean when a company has the letters Inc?

When a company has the letters “Inc." after its name, it means the company has been incorporated. There also are other abbreviations that a company can have after its name: Corp. The difference between Inc. and corp. is that Inc. means the company has been incorporated. If a company uses corp., it usually is incorporated, but may not be. LLC.

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