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Frequently Asked Questions

How many indoor pools does AFF Fredericksburg have?

AFF Fredericksburg features 3 indoor pools for your exercise and enjoyment! We’re fit for swimming, swimming lessons, aquatic exercise, & splash pad – join the fun! Learn more Expert Training Learn more You have made the commitment to working out, now let’s make sure it’s effective.

Why choose a concrete pool in Fredericksburg?

Our concrete pools come in a multitude of sizes, shapes, colors and other options, allowing you to customize your pool based on your lifestyle and budget. Many homes in Fredericksburg choose a concrete pool for their backyard space, as it is the easiest to customize to any need.

Who is Anthony & Sylvan Pools?

The knowledgeable staff at Anthony & Sylvan Pools in Fredericksburg takes pride in its expert pool building service, providing you with the best information, customer service, and hands on attention than any other pool builder in the area.

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