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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there terminal-like app for iOS?

Best Terminal like VNC and SSH clients for your iPhone or iPad Mobile Terminal (Requires Jailbreak) Mobile Terminal app from Cydia is the most powerful app on this list. ... Prompt. If you are looking for a clean looking SSH client that actually works for your iPhone or iPad then look no further as Prompt app does that job pretty ... SSH-Terminal. ... Server Auditor. ... iSSH - SSH / VNC Console. ... WebSSH. ... Commandr. ...

What is a native iOS app?

iOS is the native operating system for Apple. That’s why apps for Apple devices are called iOS apps. They’re built using Objective-C language or a newer language called Swift. Objective-C is one of the hardest programming languages to master.

What is the iOS app?

iOS app. An application for the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, all of which use Apple's iOS operating system. See iOS versions.

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