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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out if someone has a criminal record in Iowa?

Interested persons can obtain copies of Iowa criminal records from the Criminal History Record Dissemination Unit of the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI). The Unit provides various options for requesting Iowa criminal records, including mail, fax, in person, and online requests. It, however, does not receive requests by email or phone.

What types of criminal records are available in Iowa?

Criminal history records contain information regarding arrest, court dispositions, custody data and movement within Iowa’s correctional institutions. The Records and Identification Unit includes three Criminal History Auditors, each responsible for conductiong quality assurance reviews and providing training in 33 counties throughout the State.

Who maintains Iowa's criminal records?

An arrest record in Iowa is a compilation of information on the arrest or detention of a person regarding a criminal offense. It is a public document maintained by the law enforcement agencies in Iowa, as the Iowa State Patrol.

How can I access Iowa arrest records?

Iowa arrest records are public information per the Iowa Open Records Law. Interested persons may obtain the arrest record from the arresting agency. At the county level, this is often the local Sheriff’s office or the police department.

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