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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Iowa Hawkeyes putting players into the NFL?

The Iowa Hawkeyes have a track record of putting players into the NFL. A LOT of players. Iowa’s signal caller in 2023 makes it official. Iowa is not known for it’s offense.

How bad was the Iowa Hawkeye offense?

As Iowa fans can attest, the Hawkeye offense was painful to watch. Iowa quarterbacks combined to throw seven touchdowns and seven interceptions while Kaleb Johnson was the only player to score more than three TDs rushing and receiving. Johnson had six rushing TDs.

Why did the Iowa Hawkeyes struggle in 2022?

It’s no secret the Iowa Hawkeyes struggled mightily on offense in 2022. A big part of that was a lack of options in the passing game as Iowa played much of the year with more than half the receiver room out due to injury. It's usually no surprise when Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide land a big-time commitment on the recruiting trail.

Are the Iowa Hawkeyes built into the program?

Over the years, the Hawkeyes have made a habit of pulling one or two late commitments ahead of the early signing period. Another Michigan man is officially a Hawkeye. The Iowa Hawkeyes have been built into the program they are via a combination of home grown talent and infusions from outside the state.

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