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Frequently Asked Questions

How bad was the Iowa Hawkeye offense?

As Iowa fans can attest, the Hawkeye offense was painful to watch. Iowa quarterbacks combined to throw seven touchdowns and seven interceptions while Kaleb Johnson was the only player to score more than three TDs rushing and receiving. Johnson had six rushing TDs.

Did Iowa win the Cy-Hawk Trophy?

Iowa won the coveted Cy-Hawk trophy by one point the last time the Hawkeyes and Cyclones met back in 2019. And now, for the first time ever, both teams are ranked (and in the top 10!) heading into...

How many touchdowns did the Iowa defense score in the Music City Bowl?

The Iowa defense nearly outscored the Iowa passing offense too. Thanks to two pick-sixes in a 21-0 win over Kentucky in the Music City Bowl, the Iowa defense finished the season with six touchdowns of its own. Only a TD pass by third-string QB Joe Labas in that game kept the offense ahead of the defense.

How did Kentucky's win compare to Iowa's loss?

Kentucky's win lifted them to 7-5 while Iowa's loss dropped them down to 7-5. Giving up four turnovers, the Hawkeyes had had trouble holding onto the ball. We'll see if the Wildcats can exploit that vulnerability.

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