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Frequently Asked Questions

What are hand grip strengtheners?

A: Hand grip strengtheners are pieces of workout equipment used to strengthen the hands, wrists, and forearms, collectively or individually. These devices date back to the early 20th century where their overall design featured wooden handles.

What is the GD iron grip ext 90 hand strengthener?

The GD Iron Grip EXT 90 Hand Strengthener has an A-frame design that uses a solid steel compression spring to resist from 55 to 198 pounds when squeezing the two handles together. The range of motion is over a full inch and the handles are knurled similar to a barbell.

What are the advantages of iron grip dumbbells?

Compact, solid design makes Iron Grip dumbbells easier to handle than bulky pro-style dumbbells. Unique 12-sided heads prevent dumbbells from rolling dangerously. The flat, boltless ends make them more stable and tip-resistant. High-contrast weight markings are permanently engraved and bonded into the surface.

What is iron grip urethane?

Iron Grip urethane is formulated in the U.S. for superior strength and longevity. It will never tear or delaminate and won’t scuff or damage equipment, walls or floors. And the hard-wearing textured finish is designed to better resist wear and tear, and keep your dumbbells looking new longer.

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