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Frequently Asked Questions

What would Puerto Rico gain from statehood?

With the statehood, Puerto Rico would enter into an open trade market with all of the alliances of the US, which can greatly stimulate its economy, and in turn, the US’s. 1. It leads to culture loss. Many people are concerned that the rich Puerto Rican culture would eventually be lost when Puerto Rico is integrated to the US.

How do Puerto Ricans feel about statehood?

The US seems to have enough of a relationship with the area to justify statehood. A slim majority of Puerto Ricans seem to favor statehood. 53 to 47% seems to be the most recent vote. What are some simple steps I can take to protect my privacy online?

Does Puerto Rico meet the requirements for statehood?

Territories do have to meet a certain set of standards in order to be worthy of statehood, but Puerto Rico met all those requirements decades ago. Territories don’t have to be solvent, they don’t have to have 100% consensus on statehood, and they don’t have to have a good deal worked out with their creditors.

Why is Puerto Rico not an US state?

Why is Puerto Rico not a US state? The status of the island is the result of various political activities within both the United States and Puerto Rican governments. The United Nations removed it from the list of non-self-governing territories in 1953, however it remains a US territory.

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