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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Lightroom display focus points?

Many people have asked for Lightroom to display focus points -- see this feature request in the official Adobe feedback forum: Lightroom/Camera Raw: Display camera focus information | Photoshop Family Customer Community. Please add your vote and opinion to that topic, which will make it (a tiny bit) more likely Adobe will implement the feature.

What is the show focus points plugin?

What is the Show Focus Points plugin? Show Focus Points is a free Lightroom Classic plugin that shows you which autofocus points were used with photos taken from most Canon or Nikon digital SLR cameras. You need to have Lightroom 5 or later installed.

Does Lightroom Classic have a raw converter?

Considering that Lightroom Classic is a much more advanced Raw converter, you’d think that it would have the same feature (yes, that’s a hint, Adobe). But it doesn’t! Until now… What is the Show Focus Points plugin?

What cameras does Lightroom CC work with?

System requirements: Works in all Lightroom version (CC, Classic) above 5 and currently only supports Canon and Nikon DSLR (and some Sony). - Adds support for Nikon D7500, D3400, D3500, D5, D850.

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