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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up Facebook ads?

How to Set Up Ads on Facebook. Step 1 - Create an Ad. When logged in to Facebook, look at the top right hand corner of your browser. You'll see a green button that says 'Create an Ad.' Click it and you'll be on your way. Step 2 - Select What to Advertise. There are a bunch of options here.

How much do Facebook ads cost?

There's no predefined amount that you have to spend on Facebook ads. You can pay anywhere from $5 a day to $100k a week. The choice is yours. You basically tell Facebook how much you want to spend on advertising and they try to get you as many results as possible for that amount.

What are the different types of Facebook ads?

While the types of Facebook ads can get overwhelming, concentrate on these 8 types for your ecommerce store. Domain Ads Multi-Product Ads (Carousel Ads) Offer Ads Video Ads Lead Ads Canvas Sponsored Mentions Dynamic Ads (formerly Dynamic Product Ads)

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