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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a job in the FBI?

There’s usually one of three ways to get a job with the CIA or the FBI. The most direct way is: 1) to contact either of them by telephone or online and request an Employment Application and any pertinent information related to any (non-clandestine) and available positions.

How to talk to a FBI recruiter?

Approach the FBI recruiter with a confident smile, eye contact and a firm handshake. Introduce yourself and give a brief synopsis of your career aspirations pertaining to the Bureau. Speak in an audible and confident tone. Obtain any additional informative materials--brochures, career catalogues or business cards-- and advice, if offered.

Could you get a job with the FBI?

FBI Laboratory Positions Chemist. Chemists within the Laboratory Division provide scientific support to FBI investigations. ... Cryptanalyst-Forensic Examiner. ... Electronics Engineer. ... Forensic Operations Specialist. ... Geologist-Forensic Examiner. ... Metallurgist-Forensic Examiner. ... Physical Scientist. ...

What are the employment opportunities for the FBI?

If so, there are plenty of career and employment opportunities with the FBI. They hire for a wide variety of positions in Operations and Intelligence, and Specialized career paths.

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