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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Makita Weed Eater a good string trimmer?

The Makita weed eater is made for precision trimming, so it has a small guard. The smaller guard may allow some debris to flip back if you hold it at the wrong angle. Make sure to wear those safety glasses to protect yourself. Overall this Makita Weed Eater is an excellent battery powered string trimmer.

What battery does the Makita xru18 string trimmer use?

The Makita XRU18 string trimmer uses two of the brand’s 18V XLT batteries for a combined 36V of power. Anyone already on Makita’s 18V platform won’t have to buy into a new battery platform. For those of you considering getting into Makita’s extensive line of battery-powered tools, this string trimmer provides one more reason why that’s a good idea.

How do you store a Makita Weed Eater?

The Makita weed eater can be stored in 2 pieces. Slide the weed eater shaft into the motor shaft. Then secure the pieces together by rotating the black lever. Slide a charged 18 volt Makita battery on the end and you’re ready to go.

What are the features of the Makita?

Let’s check out some of the many features of this Makita model: It is powered by a Makita 18 volt battery, a 4.0 Ah battery and charger are included. I want to note, Makita batteries are one of the fastest batteries to charge in their category (40 min or less).

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