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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an archive and why is it important?

An archive is an accumulation of historical records – in any media – or the physical facility in which they are located. Archives contain primary source documents that have accumulated over the course of an individual or organization's lifetime, and are kept to show the function of that person or organization.

Where is Kannada spoken?

It also has its reach in parts of Maharashtra as well as Goa. The people speaking this language are known as ‘Kannadigas’ or ‘Kannadigaru’ in the native language.

How many words are there in the English-Kannada dictionary?

Totally, there are millions of words and their meanings in our English-Kannada dictionary. One more advantage of using our dictionary is that you can make your own dictionary by adding/marking each searched word to your dictionary. So that you maintain the list of words you previously searched for.

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