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What is meant by the term center of gravity?

centre of gravity, in physics, an imaginary point in a body of matter where, for convenience in certain calculations, the total weight of the body may be thought to be concentrated. The concept is sometimes useful in designing static structures (e.g., buildings and bridges) or in predicting the behaviour of a moving body when it is acted on by gravity.

What is the importance knowing the center of gravity?

Importance of Centre of Gravity. 1. Centre of gravity vastly simplifies calculations involving gravitation and dynamics to be able to treat the mass of an object as if it is concentrated at one point. 2. The center of gravity is based on weight, whereas the center of mass is based on mass. So, when the gravitational field across an object is ...

What is another word for "center of gravity"?

Synonyms for center of gravity include centre of mass, center of mass, centre of gravity and mass center. Find more similar words at!

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