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Frequently Asked Questions

Is statistical significance a sufficient condition for an effect to be meaningful?

However, statistical significance is not a sufficient condition for an effect to be meaningful. This can lead to a difficulty where testimony of no meaningful effect is interpreted by counsel as one with no statistically significant effect.

What is the difference between statistical significance and practical significance?

Size matters! While statistical significance relates to whether an effect exists, practical significance refers to the magnitude of the effect. However, no statistical test can tell you whether the effect is large enough to be important in your field of study.

Are statistically significant findings of a study meaningful?

These concerns are attributed to the fact that the findings of a study can be statistically significant but not meaningful. Statistically significant findings of a study basically predict the probability that a relationship observed in the data was a by-product of chance and the likelihood that the variables are actually unrelated.

What is the significance of a statistic?

If a statistic has high significance then it's considered more reliable. The calculation of statistical significance is subject to a certain degree of error. Statistical significance can be misinterpreted when researchers do not use language carefully in reporting their results.

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