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Frequently Asked Questions

Can frozen cats be found at Chinese restaurants?

In 1996, county health department officials in Knoxville, Tennessee, stepped forward to issue a strong denial about frozen cats’ being found at a particular local Chinese restaurant. It seemed everyone had heard the rumor, yet no such complaint was on file.

Do they serve cats in Chinese food?

Cat in Chinese Food. Though the Chinese have been known to dine on cats or dogs in their homeland, the practice is predominant primarily in far-flung regions, and they don’t serve them up on unsuspecting diners in Europe or North America, where these animals are known to enjoy the exalted status of family pets.

Do the Chinese keep cats and dogs as pets?

Likewise, that the Chinese don’t as a rule keep cats and dogs as pets becomes seen as a willingness to plop someone else’s animal companion into the stew pot. Anything for a buck, says this legend, and if in the process one puts over on the white devils, so much the better.

Are dead cats to blame for restaurant closings?

Calls were fielded, both by the local paper and the board of health, about whispers that these closings were the result of dead cats’ being discovered in each eatery’s meat locker.

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