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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Menards offer rebates?

Menards holds 11% rebate sales almost every week, where customers get 11% cashback on eligible items. While the 11% rebate dates are not announced ahead of time, the event happens for about a week each month. It has been the case since the onset of COVID-19.

How do I claim a Menards rebate?

Claiming Menards rebates is hectic as you cannot do it online. You have to collect the rebate form at their stores or print it from the firm's website. You have to fill out the form correctly to avoid disqualification. You then mail it with a stamp to a designated address. The process is cumbersome for busy persons.

What items are not covered by Menards rebates?

Menards offers rebates for most items bought online and in-store. Menards' 11% rebate is the most popular and most lucrative. However, its rebates do not cover gift cards, event tickets, propane purchases, KeyMe purchases, and extended service agreements.

How can I track my Menards rebate?

You can easily track your rebate online by entering your rebate receipt number or your name and address. You can only use your Menards rebate check at Menards stores. The rebate check will not work for online purchases.

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