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What are the 10 classes of supply?

classes of supply There are ten categories into which supplies are grouped in order to facilitate supply management and planning. I.Rations and gratuitous issue of health, morale, andwelfare items. II. Clothing, individual equipment, tentage, toolsets, and administrative and housekeeping supplies and equipment.III.

What is Class 1 supply?

A class 1 circuit is the portion of the wiring system between the load side of the overcurrent protection device (OCPD) or the power-limited supply and the connected load. For example, Class 1 power-limited circuits are supplied by a power supply with an output that does not exceed 30 volts and 1,000 volt-amps.

What is Class V supply?

Classes of Supply. Class I - Food, rations, and water. Class II - Clothing. Class III - Petroleum, oils, and lubricants. Class IV - Fortification and barrier materials. Class V - Ammunition. Class VI - Personal Items. Class VII - Major End Items. Class VIII - Medical supplies, minimal amounts.

What is Class IV supply?

North Atlantic Treaty Organization classes of supply. Class IV - Supplies for which initial issue allowances are not prescribed by approved issue tables. Normally includes fortification and construction materials, as well as additional quantities of items identical to those authorized for initial issue (Class II) such as additional vehicles.

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