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Frequently Asked Questions

What do moon jellies eat?

Meet The Animals - Aquarium Animal's Behavior. Moon jellies ( Aurelia aurita) drift on the ocean currents. They have short stinging tentacles outlining their bells that capture food like zooplankton floating past. Eating Habits. Moon Jellies are carnivorous. ... Conservation Efforts. Moon jellies thrive in healthy oceans and coastal areas and are not a conservation concern. ...

What is a moon jelly diet?

The preferred diet of the Moon jellyfish is planktonic crustaceans, but they also eat mollusks, fish eggs, worms, copepods, and smaller jellyfish which they catch in their sticky mucus layer covering their body. That’s right, Moon jellies are cannibals.

What are moon jellies?

Moon Jellies are the most common types of jellyfish. They are easily recognizable by its four violet or pink crescent shaped gonads on the underside and at the centre of its translucent bell or umbrella (Aurelia aurita - Moon Jelly).

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